Top UK Young Sommeliers : Arnaud Bardary

Arnaud Bardary, 28, from Maze, London

Was there a particular wine or “wine epiphany” which made you choose this career?

I didn’t have a eureka moment, but wine is in my blood. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a winemaker at Château Chalon in the Jura. I remember being fascinated about wine as a child and asking him about how it was made and bottled. I’ll never forget the taste of Château Chalon 1875 he allowed me to try when I was nine.

Are there any parts of your current list that you’re particularly proud of?

It’s hard to single out one specific part of the list, as there are always wines I’d like to add. Rather than increasing the quantity of wines to make our list bigger and more complex, I like to switch up the wines and have a constantly evolving selection. It makes me proud to see my team learning the list and enjoying what they do.