Sommelier of the Month – Arnaud Bardary

I started my career in catering at a very young age. My brother and I are now the 5th generation of our family to work in the business. When I was younger, I can remember plating up some dishes in my grandparent's restaurant and smelling all the different aromas. On the other side of my family, my grandfather produced wine under the appellation Chateau Chalon in Jura.

After studying catering in Le Mans and Nice, I combined my passion for the catering and wine industry by training as a sommelier in Toulouse. The more I studied and worked in the vineyards and restaurants, the more the title of sommelier appealed to me.

After my exams, I headed to the UK and began working for "Hotel du Vin" where I met many people who helped to guide my knowledge further. I then spent a year in Spain but decided to come back to England and settled in London.

have now been at maze for 4 and a half years. I have continued to study, sit exams and enter competitions. I recently passed the Master Sommelier Diploma.

As well as being able to suggest wines and understand a guest's needs, my job as a sommelier is not only to learn more about wine but how to convey my knowledge to the staff, guests and to friends. My job also requires me to manage staff and stock - my friends in the wine world comment or joke that we have one of the best jobs in the world trying all different wines and beverages.

Food also is a very important factor. Lots of the guests will come just for the food served at a restaurant - it is then down to us to give them the complete experience.